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March 30, 2017

Mystery smartphone: Android creator's newest project

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Near the end of 2003, Andy Rubin was a part of the team that recogized the great potencial of the smartohones, and soon after he started the development of this OS.
Their company in 2005 was already sold to Google for about $50 million dollars, and Rubil with his team continued with the development of the OS that today is installed in over hundreds of thousands of mobile devices. We’re talking about Android of course, and meanwhile (in 2013) Andy Rubin left Google and begun working on his own projects.
Since the end of 2015, information about the future plans of Rubin begun to circle over the internet, and if a few months we will finaly find out what was he working on.
Rubin, these past few days teased the general public by posting the photo on which you can see the upper part of the “mystery smartphone” that he develops in his company Essential. Unlike for many other smartphones, that there are thousands of rumors, for Andy Rubin’s smartphone there is no information whatsoever. On the photograph, you may only see the upper part of the phone, which takes pretty large surface, and that’s about it.
It seems that Rubin and his team (in the Essential company there are former executives from companies like Apple, Google and HTC), plan to make something extraordinary with their first phone and even at the very start to impose as a company that will intimidate even the largest players on the smartphone market.

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