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August 10, 2016

We Are Destroying Our Planet: Mankind Spent All Renewable Resources For This Year

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Alarming fact – Human kind already spent all forms of renewable resources for this year! We are talking about the fastest spending that was ever recorded, stands in the yearly report about environment. “Earth overshoot day” marks the date when mankind uses every resource that is able to regenerate in a period of one year. This year, that date is August, 8th and it is the earliest period that was ever recorded in the history since the monitoring began being conducted.
That date was set by international organization “Global Footprint Network” that oversees resource spending all around the world depending the part of the Earth and capabilities of the ecosystem’s yearly renewing capabilities for that part.
This organization uses official records from the U.N. for thousands of sectors, including energetic, transport, fishing, forestry, and calculates how many days in the year it takes the Earth to renew it’s resources for the man kind. According to “Global Footprint Network”, gas emissions that contribute to the ‘glass garden’ effect are the largest and fastest growing factor that influences the environment and makes 60% of the total ecological “fingerprint” of the man kind.
“Our eco-debt is continuously growing”, said Pascal Canfin, chief of the french branch of “WWF”.

„Starting Monday, August 8th, until the end of the year, we will live on ‘loan’, because in only 8 months we spent the entire natural capital that our planet can renew in a period of one year”, Canfin added.
In 1993 all the resources were depleted on October 21st. In 2003 it was September 22nd, and last year it was August 13th. In the 60’s people used only about three quarters of the all renewable resources on the earth. The sudden increase occurred in the 70’s when there was a global economy and population rapid increase.
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