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August 28, 2016

Croatian Rimac Concept One Beats Tesla Model S and LaFerrari On A Drag Race!

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Who will win a drag race among fastest electric sedan Tesla Model S P90D, one of the fastest cars that use petrol Ferrari LaFerrari and the Croatian electric car Rimac Concept One?
Well, the answer is complete annihilation of the two previously mentioned models. With over 1.000 horsepower, max RPM of 1.600 Nm with the first moment of starting the engine, divided on four engines on each wheel, with a special gearbox for all engines — you get a car that starts like is using a rocket power.
There are many Tesla Model S P90D videos where Tesla Model S P90D destroys many sports cars, but on the drag race with Rimac Concept One — gets absolutely wrecked! You will not even believe the difference! LeFerrari was a bit better than Tesla Model S P90D, but Rimac Concept One is one hell of a fast car that, not even the fastest Ferrari in history can match.
The best part of all? Rimac Concept One can start without warming up the tires nor any other additional preparations. Just hit the pedal and BAM! You are already driving 93 Mph (150 Km/h). Damn, that’s impressive.


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